crowd toasting at a wedding drinks reception in Ireland

Drinks reception music

From our experience there is some time to kill between arriving at your venue and seating for dinner. This is the perfect opportunity for guests to mingle and get into the spirit of things. One great way to do this is drinks reception music. Picture Perfect have some great packages for wedding drinks reception music in Ireland. We need very little space and have minimal equipment for this set up. Whether you are ready for a sing along or just want to wind down before dinner we can do it. Picture Perfect generally have a showcase once a month in The Shamrock Lodge Hotel Athlone. Get in touch here for prices and showcase details. 

Pianist play wedding drinks reception music

prices & packages

We have different band variations for drinks reception music in Ireland starting with an acoustic duo. Also we can add cajon percussion and keyboards for that big band feel. While you and your guests are leaving the church or ceremony we will be setting up our equipment.  The music will already be playing as your guests are entering your reception.  Our setlist for such an occasion consists of lots of acoustic classics from artists such as Fleetwood Mac and The Beatles. The acoustic duo gets a chilled vibe going with great harmonies and well known songs. Our three and four piece ensembles can add even more to the atmosphere. All the while the music is still at background volume to allow your guests to mingle and chat before dinner. 

Get in touch for prices and packages for a great drinks reception.