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Picture Perfect are a fully live five piece band based in Co Westmeath. We mainly play weddings in Ireland, how ever we have also played weddings in Northern Ireland and Scotland. In our opinion after you have chosen your wedding venue your next decision will be to hire a wedding band. The band has a huge live sound and use many instruments to achieve this. We are mostly in our mid thirties and have played in many well known wedding bands and cover acts since our early twenties. This experience gives us the ability to cater for so many different types of weddings from traditional to alternative wedding music and everything in between.

We hope you find this page of help in your quest to find the perfect act for your wedding. If there is anything we missed just get in touch here and we will answer any questions you may have. Alternatively you can message us on facebook. We look forward to hearing from you!.

DJ using a mac book to play alternative wedding music

Wedding band and dj

When couples get in touch to enquire about how to hire a wedding band they usually opt for our wedding band and DJ package. This is our most popular package for weddings in Ireland and can remove alot of stress and significantly reduce costs. We have a separate DJ to the band performing onstage. The moment the band hits their final note the DJ launches into his set. This keeps the party going and the dancefloor full. It is the perfect compliment to the wedding band. Ask the DJ for requests of songs you remember as a teenager and have a laugh with your friends. The Dj will play music right up to 2am or the curfew of your wedding venue or whichever comes first!.

Picture Perfect band entertaining guests at a wedding venue. How to hire a wedding band.


Some couples will have a relative or friend who is a DJ. You may Just need to hire our band only package for your wedding venue. Picture Perfect love listening to and performing all types of music. Each member has being playing music since their early teens. Mix that with over ten years playing weddings in Ireland you get a huge catalogue of songs to pick from. Most of our weddings are of mixed age. We generally will be playing lots of jives, waltzes, country and crowd pleasers at most weddings. 

You can check out our Setlist page to see examples of the type of set we play at a typical wedding. We get many enquiries to play weddings in Ireland of one particalar style like all chart hits, rock or indie. This is usually where a wedding consists of all friends of the same age and musical taste. Or the second day where all the friends get to have a major party and the bride and groom can really let their hair down. So even though it may not be listed on our sample set page we do any type of music even alternative wedding music from bands like Greenday, Nirvana, Metallica and so on. Just get in touch here let us know what style of wedding you are having and we will send you a setlist we think you would love.