Corporate Entertainment & Christmas Parties

Picture Perfect Corporate Entertainment & Christmas Parties

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas is usually our favourite time to play live shows in Ireland. Unfortunately in 2020 there will be no corporate entertainment or Christmas parties. But we already knew that would happen so let us move on and look to the future. Generally when the world is covid free the annual Christmas party is highly anticipated. We can tell you it is no different for Picture Perfect Wedding Band. At Christmas we would normally be preparing for a run of Christmas parties to rival all others in The Strand hotel Limerick. These parties are organised by the amazing HIYA Entertainment who are a pleasure to work for. These guys provide corporate entertainment at it’s best! We work for many booking agents throughout Ireland check out our blog post for more information on booking agents.

Christmas Parties

In the last two weeks of November we usually feverishly rehearse all the Christmas favourites we have not played in 12 months. Songs like Slade’s “merry Christmas everyone” and The Pogue’s “fairytale of New York”. It doesn’t truly feel like Christmas until we pull up to the venue and see the amazing layout of tables perfectly laid out with a Christmas cracker beside each guest’s polished cutlery. The stage looks completely festive with a larger than life inflatable Homer Simpson dressed as Santa complete with Reindeer.

If you have never been at a shared corporate Christmas party we can tell you it is a night to remember. You will share the dance floor with employees from other companies at a great venue. As they say the craic will be mighty. The night will usually begin with drinks in the lobby before dinner while professional carollers sing Hyms and festive favourites to create a true Christmas atmosphere. During dinner a quiz will be held by Santa and his helpers. Each table will compete against each other with sing offs and dance offs to win a collection of prizes.

By the time Picture Perfect Wedding band start their set the crowd is in flying form! From the first chord we intend to take the atmosphere through the roof. We always start our set with a high energy Christmas song to set the tone and we can barely hear ourselves with the crowd roaring the lyrics along with us. We cannot wait to get back to our corporate entertainment and Christmas parties.

Corporate Entertainment and Christmas Parties

Corporate Party Bands

Picture Perfect have a great reputation with many companies throughout Ireland who book corporate party bands. We play many functions throughout the year from summer barbecues to corporate dinner dances. These are some of favourite gigs as all the guests are there to have fun and dance the night away. A typical corporate entertainment set will last two hours with loads of crowd interaction and games. A great corporate function is a relaxed affair with guests looking to let their hair down after a busy work schedule.

If you are searching for a band for your corporate entertainment or Christmas party then you can get in touch on our contact page. We can guide you on setlists and prices and packages. We look forward to getting back to playing corporate functions and Christmas parties throughout Ireland! Be sure to check our Home page for upcoming news on gigs.