How To Book A Wedding Band

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How to Book a Wedding Band

Here at Picture Perfect Wedding Band we realise how stressfull it can be choosing entertainment for your big day. The following steps on how to book a wedding band will help you choose your perfect band in no time stress free.

Start online:

Learning how to book a wedding band begins online. Enter your search terms into google and have a look through the various wedding bands websites. Make a list of ten bands you like the look of. Now search youtube for videos on these bands. It is very important to watch videos recorded at live gigs as well as the high end promotional videos. This will give you a great idea of how the band will sound live at your wedding. Check out some Picture Perfect Videos.

Streamline your list:

At this point we recommend excluding three bands from your how to book a band for wedding list. “But i love them all!” you say? Ok there are some criteria you can use to streamline your list. The first being SETLIST. From the band websites you can browse their setlist page and you will definately find songs you remember dancing to with your friends on nights out or songs your parents like to dance to at weddings. Now we can go with LINE UP. Do you want a male or female singer?, do you want a sax player?. Lastly we have CROWD INTERACTION, do the band’s live videos show good crowd interaction?

It is important that above all else your band is fun and experienced with different age groups. A great band will bring all ages and musical tastes together on the dancefloor. You should now be able to reluctantly eliminate three bands from your how to book a wedding band list.

Get in touch:

What better way to see what your wedding band can offer than getting in contact by email or phone. It is important to ask for pricing and different package options. Does your band offer a DJ inclusive package? Do they charge extra to travel nationwide? Your budget will now decide which bands will make it to your top three list. To see what wedding music should cost check out our blog post on wedding band prices.

See your band live:

We can’t say this enough, it is important that you or a friend see your band live at a showcase or gig. Sometimes this is not possible especially in 2020 but failing that there are other options. You can pick your favourite song from their setlist and ask if the band can do a live video recording and send it to you by email. Also if the band has the means a virtual showcase could be organised with a certain amount of interaction. We believe that once you see your band live you will know with certainty that they are the one you want to entertain your guests. To find out when Picture Perfect are in your town check out our Home page for upcoming news and events.

More tips on how to book a wedding band

Well we hope that this blog post on how to book a wedding band is of some help to you when choosing suppliers for your wedding. For more help check out these tips from One Fab Day