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Cost Of A wedding Band

Planning a wedding can stressful, planning a wedding budget can be enough to send any couple into a melt down! When a couple contacts us for availability, one of the questions that is usually at the fore front is “how much does your wedding band cost?” In this post we will try and give some idea on the average costs of various wedding music packages. Wedding bands Ireland prices will vary from each supplier so these are general averages from our own experience and also from online surveys. To find out more about the various packages Picture Perfect offer have a look at our Home page.

A standard wedding band in Ireland will usually be a four or five piece out fit with all their own equipment and transport we will refer to this as our “average” wedding band even though most wedding bands in Ireland are anything but average! So according to surveys by wedding directories such as the well known Weddings Online, One Fab Day and Confetti, the average wedding band in Ireland costs between €2000 and €2700 euros. Check out the price lists below for average wedding bands Ireland prices.

Wedding Bands Evening and Drinks Reception Costs

Line Up Evening or Drinks ReceptionVenue LocationAverage Price
1 man bandUp to two hours away€320-550
DuoUp to two hours away€465-800
3 piece bandUp to two hours away€750-1400
 4 piece bandUp to two hours away€1250-2400
 5 piece bandUp to two hours away €1600-2600
 6 piece bandUp to two hours away €1800-2750
 7 piece band and upwardsUp to two hours away €2350-5000

Wedding Ceremony Music Costs

 Line Up Venue Location Average Price
Solo performerUp to two hours away€250 – €400
DuoUp to two hours away€350 – €500
TrioUp to two hours away€500 – €650

Factors that push wedding bands prices up

Generally Irish wedding band prices will remain consistent, but there is one factor that can change the cost for some bands. If your wedding venue is farther than two hours drive from your band’s base. Not all bands will charge extra for travel and accommodation but some do. This is totally understandable as a wedding band’s own location will be a massive determining factor in this. A more centrally located band such as ourselves can access more of the country in less time. A band based in Donegal travelling to play a wedding in Kinsale Cork will understandably have a travel charge as this round trip could be twelve hours or more.

Tips To Get Better Value

  1. Ask if your band offers any packages. If you can get your band to include the Ceremony Music, Drinks reception and DJ you can make significant savings on your wedding entertainment costs. Most experienced bands will offer different line ups of their main evening reception line up for different parts of the day. To see what packages Picture Perfect offer check out our Services page.
  2. Mid week and off peak deals. If you are having your wedding outside of the summer and Christmas season there can be great discounts available. Mid week weddings would apply to weddings taking place Monday to
  3. Thursday. Don’t be afraid to ask your supplier for a deal for your mid week wedding you could be pleasantly surprised.
  4. Location. Many bands will be more than happy to travel the length and breadth or Ireland to entertain eager audiences and showcase their talents. But if you are on a tight budget don’t forget to enquire with suppliers in the local area as they may be able to offer you great prices solely based on their proximity to your wedding venue.
Wedding Bands Ireland Prices

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Hopefully this post will give you some knowledge and comfort when it comes to booking your wedding music. For more tips on how to find the perfect wedding band check out our blog post on how to book a wedding band. There are many forums online for further research on the cost of a wedding and wedding bands Ireland prices. Check out this fantastic blog post from One Fab Day

We would love to give you value for money on your wedding entertainment so get in touch and we will give you a quote!