Wedding entertainment agency

wedding entertainment agency holding business card

Reasons to use a wedding entertainment agency

There are two types of people when it comes to events, organised and unorganised. If you are the former then you will probably get a sense of joy and accomplishment from booking your own entertainment. There are pros to both options. Booking your own wedding entertainment leaves you on a first name basis with your suppliers. You will most likely have met with them in person or at least spoken to them on the phone. However if you are the latter, and you are already feeling overwhelmed with things like invitations and venue visits then a wedding entertainment agency can be a life saver. In this post we will break down the reasons why.

One point of contact for all your wedding entertainment

Finding an entertainment agency you like is relatively easy. It just takes one phone call or email to get the ball rolling. Most great agencies will have options for many different acts and even some you never thought of like a magician or a comedian. After getting a general idea of your likes and dislikes your wedding entertainment agency will show you options that best fit your event and guests. You can also be assured the standard will be high. Agents will usually only work with the best in the business.

A booking agent will also have acts other than wedding bands that can take a wedding to the next level. If you are thinking of having entertainment other than music at your wedding then check out this blog post on wedding trends in Ireland.


A wedding entertainment agency are providing an event planning service for their customers and this will undoubtedly come with a cost. The agents fee is usually charged as a percentage of the acts they are supplying. As mentioned above this marginal extra fee can out way endless searches through google and emailing and pricing hundreds of acts. On the flip side an entertainment agent will have many different acts on their books and will almost always be able to supply entertainment that fits the bride and groom’s budget. If you need information on what you should be paying for wedding music check out this blog post on wedding band prices.

Unforeseen circumstances

In the rare event one of your chosen acts cannot make it on the day an agent will put in the work to make sure there is an adequate replacement. This means that the week of your wedding you do not need to start calling suppliers to book a replacement act. So using an agency can offer peace of mind.

Diverse range of wedding entertainment

Whether you are thinking of a black tie event or an outdoor grunge festival, a wedding entertainment agency will have the best acts to suit all tastes. Everything from a Michael Bublé tribute act to a Killers tribute and everything in between. All you need to do is tell the agent what your taste is and they will have the perfect act to suit. The same goes for comedians, magicians and even fire breathers! Many agencies will also work with photographers and ceremony musicians. So you really can take care of at least ninety percent of your wedding suppliers with one phone call.

Picture Perfect Wedding Band generally look after our own bookings. Many of our enquiries are direct or from guests of weddings we have previously performed at. But there are a few agents we work with check out best day entertainment. To contact Picture Perfect directly just sent us an enquiry through our contact page.