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Wedding Entertainment Ideas In Ireland

Picture Perfect Wedding Band have played hundreds of weddings over the years in various shapes and sizes. We have seen all types of wedding entertainment ideas and trends in Ireland and today we are going to share our top ten favourites.

Ok so this one is a no brainer for us. But a live band can make a wedding reception atmosphere electric. Great songs, great musicians great craic. What more is there to say. Check out our blog post on how to book the perfect wedding band, How To Book A Wedding Band.

Another great wedding entertainment idea which creates a great atmosphere for when your guests arrive to your wedding venue is a cool laid back two or three piece band playing easy listening favourites at a background volume allowing your guests to mingle and chat and have a few drinks before dinner. Check out our options for drinks reception music.

If you are wondering how to give your wedding that extra touch of style and stand out from the crowd then hire a light up dance floor. We are seeing these at more and more weddings and they create an amazing atmosphere. You can also add uplighting and top table back drops. There are many professional decor companies that will come to your venue and supply and set up everything for you. One of the best we have seen has to be Best Day Entertainment.

One of our personal favourite wedding entertainment trends is a magician who is a master of his trade. A great magician can work each table throughout the course of the meal. Baffling guests with their polished tricks and sleight of hand, creating laughter and a great buzz amongst your guests. Check out one of our favourites Oisin Foley.

There was a point where the staple entertainment for a wedding was a great band and DJ, but that is fast including the selfie mirror. This can be a great way for guests who don’t know each other that well to get involved in fun photos and dress up in comedy props. A selfie mirror can be lots of fun and a great ice breaker as well as an excellent way for guests to look back on your wedding day and have a good laugh. Check out memory making moments


Yes believe it or not we have seen some fire breathing acts as wedding entertainment in Ireland. By no means the norm but an amazing way to gather your guests outside and watch an experienced fire breathing act garner oohs and aahs from their captivated audience. This act works best in the autumn or early spring when it gets dark early for extra effect. Fire breathing would be perfect for a Halloween wedding!

Although it may sound dull we have seen silent discos to be anything but. There are many companies that will supply you with the equipment needed which is basically two channel headphones. The premise is simple two different songs are played at the same time and all of your guests on the dance floor can choose which song to listen to. You will howl with laughter as people are dancing together out of sync and rhythm to two totally different beats. Also a great idea if your hotel has a limit on music volume due to other residents rooms being close to the function room. If you think outside the box you can come up with memorable wedding entertainment ideas.

Great for all types of events. An exciting touch for outside as your guests arrive at the venue. A troupe of drummers banging out celtic rhythms and beats can really drum up an amazing atmosphere!

Ask any band what is their favourite part of a wedding. Well aside from getting to do what they love for a living most will say the tea break! We have been lucky enough to sample many different novelties for the tea break one of the best which was a wood fired pizza amazing!

What Irish wedding would be complete without some Irish dancing. Don’t just leave it to your guests at 2am to channel their inner Michael Flately, get a professional dance group to entertain your guests. Perfect for just before the tea break and a great way to involve the crowd and get everyone clapping along.

Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Well there you have it our favourite wedding entertainment ideas in Ireland from weddings of the last 24 months. Follow us on facebook and instagram and let us know your favourite wedding entertainment trends.