The First Dance

Choosing The First Dance

Of all wedding songs the first dance can be an extremely tough decision for couples. We always get asked for our opinion on songs and what song would work the best. The best song is one that means something to couple. It doesn’t have to be a song other people will know or older generations will know. Once you like it that’s all that matters. On the same note it doesn’t have to be a waltz or a traditional slow song.

Often at weddings couples will say they don’t want to be left out there too long on their own as they are a bit nervous about the first dance. This is totally understandable as just like the church or venue entry all eyes are on the couple. To make things more relaxed Picture Perfect will usually agree with the bride and groom to step out of the room while we start the festivities for the first dance. We make sure every last guest is on their feet and clapping and stomping their feet. We encourage your guests to form a tight circle around the dance floor in anticipation for the couple to enter the room. This makes things fun and relaxed and also makes the room look a lot smaller and the walk to the dance floor a lot less daunting!

Here are some of our favourite first dances to ever hear and play at weddings. There is a lot of variety and tempos in this list but all these songs mean something to the couple. For ideas on other wedding songs check out our Setlist. Also many of these songs work well for wedding ceremony music.